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Managing your Driving Lesson bookings

Managing your Driving Lesson bookings Money doesn’t grow on trees. You need to invest time and money in order for your Driving School to thrive. But be wise with how you spend your limited time. Focus more on improving the student experience, and reduce the effort required to manage the lesson bookings and lesson package … Continued

Consideration for implementing online appointment booking software for your medical practice

Introduction Online Appointment booking software is the essential feature in patient scheduling and a well-organised system can save time and increase efficiency for your medical practice or clinic to deliver timely healthcare. An increasing number of medical practices are now offering patients the option of making appointments online. Different options of online appointment software are … Continued

New client fields and filtering

Today we released some additional client fields and filtering capabilities. New Client fields Reference Related Name Group Anniversary Reference (text field) The reference field can be used to assign a client a reference that can be used to filter the client list. Related Name (text field) The related name field can be used to associated a … Continued

Configuring your booking software from a Laptop

Must have cloud-based online software for in 2019

Must have cloud-based online software in 2019 When running a business it can often be tough to keep track of everything. With this cloud based software you can operate efficiently, whether you’re at work, home, or on the road. Dropbox Dropbox is our favourite cloud-based file storage service that allows you to sync files to … Continued

bookitLive integrates with eWay online payment processing

Each and every business we work with is different, each with their own very diverse needs and requirements. When it comes to the technology and payment solutions you need to ensure your business runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible – there is no one-size-fits-all solution. As such bookitLive has been built from the ground … Continued

Upload files using Dropbox integration

Dropbox integration is used to add storage to your bookitLive account so files can be uploaded against a client record. When Dropbox is connected to your bookitLive account a Files tab is added for each client record. With bookitLive‘s Dropbox integration, you can: Upload files and store against a client record from a Desktop, Laptop, … Continued

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Tour Operator need to be able to take booking payments from their websites

The bottom line is, you need to accept payments online if you want your customers to book your tours. Travelers today are booking their travel online, and online payments are fast, convenient and easy. In fact, many are even making their reservations on mobile devices. You must keep up with the times if you want … Continued

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Managing your driving lesson assessment documentation

Most Driving Instructors need to track and record the students’ progress to make sure they have reached the required standard to take their driving test. This is normally achieved by manually filling in lesson assessment forms and then storing and keeping this paperwork to meet regulatory requirements. The issue The process of manually filling in … Continued

Booking software for driving lessons

Starting Your Own Driving School in Australia

Everybody still needs to know how to drive. Plain and simple, almost everybody will need to learn how to safely operate an automobile at some point in their life. While it is true that you can receive a license to drive in most states without driver’s education training, driving schools are still in high demand … Continued

Booking software for driving lessons

SMS Specifications

The SMS service has limitations around the size of a message that can be sent. SMS messages have a maximum length of 160 characters. This is an industry standard, bookitLive has no control over the character limitation of a SMS. Large messages can still be sent via the SMS service without having to manually break … Continued

Book and pay for Driving Lesson using your mobile phone