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The Future of Driving: Autonomous Vehicles and Driver Training

The automotive industry is on the cusp of a revolutionary change with the advent of autonomous vehicles (AVs). This technological leap forward promises to transform how we think about transportation, road safety, and urban planning. However, it also raises important questions about the future of driver training. As vehicles become more self-sufficient, what skills will … Continued

What is Term Booking?

What is Term Booking? Term booking is a process where you make a single booking for all the session dates  that spans a defined period, or term. This concept is commonly used for activities like booking Golf clinics, Swimming lessons Art classes where the sessions occur over a number of weeks or months. Traditionally, managing … Continued

Driving Lesson Booking Software for Small Schools: A Game-Changer

With the ever-increasing digitisation of services, even industries that traditionally relied on manual methods are now making the shift to digital tools or are being left behind. One such area is the world of driving lessons. As larger institutions swiftly adapt to the digital age, smaller schools are often left wondering whether these technological advancements … Continued

What Every Learner Driver Should Know About Basic Car Maintenance

So it’s an exciting time when you’re learning to drive a car, no doubt you’re booking lessons with a qualified driving instructor to teach you the finer details about the skills of driving on the roads of Australia. But a good life skill to know basic car maintenance so that you can keep your independence … Continued

What’s the best lesson to start with when taking up the game of golf?

If you’re just starting out taking up the challenging game of golf there is an enormous amount of skills and knowledge that needs to be learnt (just to be OK at the game. The vast world of techniques, equipment, and terminology can be a bit overwhelming. Most instructors will advise beginning with foundational elements to … Continued

Driving Lessons: Booking by Phone or Online – Which is Best?

When it comes to booking a driving lesson, both phone and online methods have their strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a look at the two methods from both the student’s and the driving school owner’s standpoint: Phone Bookings from the Student’s Viewpoint: Advantages of Phone Bookings for Students: Human Touch: A direct chat with a representative … Continued

How to get more bookings via your website and other digital assets

Booking platforms do a wonderful job lifting the administrative load for businesses that manage clients and a diary schedule. That includes booking lessons (driving, golf), appointments (doctors and tattoo artists), repairs and services (car, cleaning) or professional services like accountant Building assessments) Customisable online booking systems also provide exceptional ongoing marketing results after the client … Continued

Golf Lesson Scheduling Software for Golf Professionals and Clubs

Whether you are a solo golf coach, manage a small school, academy or golf club, the  Australian developed and Owned, bookitLive has Golf Lesson and Clinic Scheduling Software that handles your bookings and helps your business grow. Allowing you to spend more time to inspire your students to reach their fullest potential and improve their … Continued

The Perfect Car for Learning to Drive!

A few months ago we published an article on the cost of getting your licence in Australia which includes the option of paying $40,000 for a single Driving Lesson! Well, today we get a little more serious….Today we will focus on what vehicle is best to learn to drive in. Rather than focus on the … Continued

Harnessing Technology and Software to Make Australian Golf Courses Profitable

The world of golf is going through a rapid transformation, fuelled by emerging technologies and innovative software. In Australia, the use of these tools is not just about improving the game for players. It’s also about maximising profitability for golf course operators. So, how can Australian golf courses leverage technology and software to turn their … Continued