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Create a branded website to generate valuable bookings

Generate more leads and convert them into bookings and sales with an on-brand landing page for your business so you can take bookings without lifting a finger. Purpose designed and streamlined, your mini website landing page will be indispensable part of your marketing and sale strategy.

At bookitLive, our consultants and designers create branded user experiences, clever interfaces and strategic customer flows so that your mini website landing page converts. We tailor your mini website landing page to your unique brand and match it to your business goals. Maximise your web presence and make your mini website work for you.

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A beautiful mini website page needs smart marketing techniques

Simplify the booking process and make it even easier  for customers to make a booking. we design captivating mini website landing pages that dont just look great but follow best-practice procedures too. We:

  • Develop a clear and robust call-to-action
  • Design an on-brand landing page that converts customers to bookings
  • Sets you apart from your competitors
  • Provides a web presence even if you don’t have a website

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Add on one or many extra features – The choice is yours

bookitLive is much more than booking software. With powerful add-on-features you can:

  • Securely take online payments
  • Link with social media
  • Display availability  for you and your team
  • Send reminders to reduce late cancellations
  • Store and filter user information to enhance your marketing

With complete training and onboarding for your team.

We’ll put you on the front foot when it comes to your digital marketing.

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Are you a BIG business that needs a custom online booking solution?

See what we have to offer you and your customers.

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