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As a busy swimming instructor or school, managing a small school, academy, or any time out of the pool is money lost. With bookitLive Swimming lesson and class booking software, you’re free to concentrate on the teaching.


If you are a Swimming Coach or manage a team of instructors at a swim school, the bookitLive platform offers all the booking features needed to expand your business and enable more students to enhance their swimming skills. Considering integrating a time-saving and cost-effective booking system on your website? You’ve found the perfect solution! bookitLive allows your clients to effortlessly schedule swimming lessons and clinics online, while providing you with the tools to easily manage, modify, and monitor your bookings, access client information, and receive instant new-booking notifications via email and SMS. Features like simple website integration, flexible term booking functionality and detailed analytics are just a few reasons why swim instructors love our user-friendly platform.


With bookitLive, automate SMS reminders to clients the day before their swimming lesson or class. This significantly reduces costly no-shows and late arrivals. Swim schools report an average 22% decrease in no-shows, leading to increased revenue for swimming instructors.

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Joining bookitLive means your swimming instruction business can be promoted on Google and Facebook. A fantastic method to grow your business is to offer the first lesson for free. Embed a booking button in your online ads and website, allowing new students to easily access the free offer.


Lessons are available in multiple minute sessions so wether you’re correcting students technique, training a squad for the Nationals, or just running a personalised swim session bookitLive has it covered. Customers can book your instructors 24/7, up to three months in advance. Our website features a “BOOK NOW” button linking to our business mini-site, where customers can arrange private or group lessons and make pre-payments. The bookitLive platform accommodates various lesson types and skill levels, displaying real-time availability and scheduling for our instructors.


Easily manage your instructors’ availability and all swimming lesson appointments directly from a mobile device or desktop. Our platform’s elegant design allows for quick navigation and provides insights to run a profitable swim school. Developed with the needs of aquatic centres in mind, our cloud-based management system maximises lesson bookings and instructor time.


Organise swim clinics for your client groups on bookitLive in just a few simple steps. Group sessions are an excellent way to engage multiple students simultaneously and maximise your teaching hours.


We’ve collaborated with numerous swimming professionals to create superior swim lesson booking software, catering to:

  • Individual swimming instructors
  • Swim academies
  • Community pools
  • Private clubs

We recognise that running a successful swim school involves managing staff, maintaining records, handling payments, communicating with clients, marketing, and providing quality instruction.

Our aim is to streamline your operations while upholding high standards of professionalism and efficiency.



What is Swimming Booking Software?

Swimming Booking Software helps swimming professionals and facilities streamline their operations by consolidating and automating tasks such as bookings, scheduling, payments, automatic reminders, managing instructors, and promoting your swimming services.

By leveraging this software, you save time and increase efficiency, allowing you to focus more on swimming instruction, customer engagement, and business growth.

An online swimming scheduling software organises and secures your data, making it accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device. You can also restrict access to authorised staff members and decide which bookings each team member can manage. This software is designed to meet the specific needs of swimming professionals.

Can BookitLive assist me in increase my bookings?

bookitLive’s scheduling software comes with powerful integrated marketing tools designed to boost your bookings and revenue. By using our software, swimming facilities have seen a significant decrease in no-shows, thereby increasing effective revenue generation.

Use our swimming lesson scheduling software to easily upsell lessons with additional benefits and options, adding more value for your clients.

Launch promotions to generate excitement for new classes or to increase attendance during off-peak times.

Offer prepaid packages, like five lessons for the price of four, to provide extra value to your clients and secure payments upfront. These packages foster customer loyalty and encourage repeat visits, enhancing the overall value proposition. All these features make bookitLive an all-encompassing solution for managing and expanding your swimming lesson business.

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The bookitLive platform addresses common challenges faced by swimming instructors and facility owners, such as:

  • Simplified Booking: With clear rules and policies, bookitLive streamlines the booking experience for both the business and the clients.
  • Comprehensive Client Information: Collect essential details during the booking process to ensure preparedness for each lesson.
  • Reduced Administrative Tasks: Clients can manage their accounts, lessening the administrative load on your team.
  • Efficient Scheduling: Avoid overlaps and ensure smooth operations with effective resource scheduling.
  • Enhanced Promotion: Utilise gift vouchers, packages, and special offers to attract new clients.
  • Effective Communication: Automated email and SMS notifications keep students informed and engaged.
  • Decreased No-Shows: Reminder features help reduce missed appointments.
  • Diversified Revenue: Introduce new revenue streams with gift vouchers and lesson packages.
  • Customisable Experience: Tailor the booking process to meet your specific needs and gather necessary information.
  • Targeted Marketing: Reach a broader audience with SMS marketing and other tools.


Anne Dickson

No more manual bookings

I am a local Golf Professional who runs individual lessons and group clinics to improve your game. I used to manage all the lesson bookings and Lesson Package sales over the phone which was time consuming. With bookitLive all my lessons bookings and Lesson Packages are done online and new clients are now finding me online as my business is now on page one of Google.

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