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Forms & waivers to collect data

Smart Forms

bookitLive can create online forms & waivers to collect booking and client data.

Before,during and after booking you can use online forms in your process to collect key pieces of information for each client. Client online forms cater for specific business requirement such a patient assessment notes or maintenance records. Online forms can be shared to customers to take registrations, capture leads, gather feedback, run competitions or collect any data. Online forms for product purchases and booking questions.

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A range of benefits from one or multiple online forms

bookitLive is more than a set-and-forget booking system. We can create online forms to provide a custom booking journey and extract the right amount of information with ease.

With bookitLive’s online forms, you can:

  • Collect important infomation at time of booking
  • Have a different online form for each of your service offerings
  • Ask questions when selling vouchers or products
  • Store treatment and assessment information against each client
  • Sign and store waivers

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Not just text boxes add a range of other options to your online forms

Smart and easy online forms to collect data at time of booking or share with your customers with a dedicated URL.

Online form features:

  • Tick boxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Pulldown lists
  • Conditional logic
  • Mandatory and optional questions
  • E Signatures
  • Mark up images

Share online forms with your customers to improve processes and collect accurate data with ease.

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