Features - Custom Notification Templates

Create branded and personal notifications for all your email and SMS communications

Customise your email templates to deliver beautiful emails using the fonts, colours, and images that showcase you brand.

Create one or multiple notification templates for each of your service or product offering. Deliver one set of notifications for customers who book classes, and another for one-on-one lessons. Personalise each notification with details to build client relationships. All with one automated and central piece of software.

Managing booking software configuration from a tablet

Manage your daily timetable with instant cancellation notifications

Reduce no-shows, minimise late cancellations and allow other clients to snap up empty timeslots. the powerful bookitLive notification system doesn’t just send email and SMS notifications, it provides a simply way for clients to notify you of a change in their circumstances. with one click of a button, you find out about cancellations and modifications so you can intuitively plan your day.

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Integrate more features that suit your business to a tee

Appointment reminders are just the beginning (or end) of the booking process. You have a range of other features that makes business easy for you:

  • Securely take online payments
  • Sell bulk session passes
  • Smart forms to collect important information
  • Market discounts using coupon codes
  • Store and filter user information to enhance your marketing

Viewing your future online bookings from an iPhone 6

Are you a BIG business that needs a custom online booking solution?

See what we have to offer you and your customers.

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