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As a busy golfing instructor, manage a small school, academy or a franchise time off the fairway is money lost. With bookitLive Golf lesson and class booking software, you’re free to concentrate on the green.

Club fitting online booking system and payment software

The whole in one service

If you are a Golf Instructor or a club managing a group of golf instructors the bookitLive platform has all the booking features to grow your business and have more golfers taking lessons to improve their game. If you are considering the option of adding a time and cost saving booking system to your website, you are at the right place! BookitLive allows your clients/students to book golfing lessons and clinic’s online, and lets you easily make, change and track your online bookings, access your client details, automatically receive new-booking notification via email and text message. As well as advertising online and detailed reporting are just some of the features golf instructors love about our easy to use platform.

Remove handicaps

With bookitLive, you can have an automated SMS reminder sent to the client the day before a lesson or class booking. You’ll quickly notice the decrease in costly no-shows and tardy golfers.
Golf clubs have benefited from an average 23% decrease in no-shows meaning the Golf Pro generates more revenue.

Tee up new business

When you sign up to bookitLive, your golf instruction business can be advertised on Google and Facebook. Another great way to build your business is to offer the first lesson free. Embed a booking button in your online ads and your own website, and new golfing students can easily click through to the free offer.

A Private Golf Course offers Golf lessons with their PGA Golf pro. The lessons are time based and are available as 30, 60, 90 minute sessions to perfect your swing, improve your putting or play a round of Golf with the Professional. Customers can book the Golf Pro 24/7 up to 3 months in advance. The Golf Course website has a BOOK NOW button to link to the business information mini website so customers can make a private lesson booking, group bookings and take Pre-Payments.
The bookitLive platform caters for several lesson types and golf club fitting sessions. It shows your student’s real-time availability and time slots for your instructor’s schedules.


Quickly and easily manage your instructor availability, and any golf lesson appointments and book lessons, saving admin time from a mobile device or desktop. The elegant user experience makes it easy to navigate through the platform quickly and provides business intelligence to drive a profitable golf academy.
This platform was developed in Australia and delivers a cloud-based golf course management system to maximise golf lesson appointments.


You can easily set up clinic’s for your customer groups in bookItLive in just a few simple steps. Group sessions are a great way to get multiple clients in at once and maximize your work hours as efficiently as possi­ble.

Designed for individual Golf Instructors, Golf academies, Driving Ranges or Golf Clubs

We have worked in conjunction with many golf club professionals (trained via one of the many PGA Australia pathways to create a superior golf lesson booking software.

What’s more, we’ve designed our software specifically to handle all of the following golf lesson structures:

  • Individual golf instructors

Where the sole operator can set and manager their entire booking process online without the need of additional staff to manage the process.

  • Golf Academies
  • Driving Ranges
  • Golf Clubs

We understand that running a successful golf academy/club involves managing staff, keeping records, making payments, communicating with clients, advertising, marketing, selling products and services, and providing quality coaching services.

Our goal is to help you become more efficient while maintaining high standards of professionalism.


What is Golf Booking software?

Golf Booking software aids golf professionals and clubs in seamlessly operating their golf coaching enterprises by consolidating and automating numerous tasks. This includes enhancements and automation of daily undertakings like bookings, scheduling and payments, automatic reminders, managing golf coaches, and promoting your golf coaching enterprise.

By automating these business functions with a golf lesson booking software, you save time and augment efficiency, enabling you to devote more attention to golf coaching, customer relationships, and business expansion.

An online golf scheduling software gathers and secures data on your behalf, allowing you to access it anytime, anywhere, from any device. If needed, you can choose to limit access to authorised staff members and golf coaches, and dictate which bookings each team member can view and handle. This software is especially suited for the needs of Australian golf professionals, acknowledging the unique requirements and preferences that come with the local golfing community.

Can BookitLive assist me in increase my bookings?

BookitLive’s golf scheduling software is equipped with robust integrated marketing features that are designed to elevate your bookings and enhance revenue. Notably, golf clubs utilizing our software have experienced an average 23% decrease in no-shows, enabling the Golf Pro to generate more revenue effectively.

Utilize our golf lesson scheduling software to seamlessly upsell your golf lessons with additional perks and add-ons, providing more options and value to your clients.

Initiate promotions to create a buzz when you launch a new golf class or to drive traffic during the slower days and times of the week.

Offer prepaid service packages, such as purchasing five golf lessons for the price of four, to present more value to your clients and to secure payment upfront. These packages not only build customer loyalty but also encourage repeat visits due to their added value. All these features combined make BookitLive a comprehensive solution for managing and growing your golf lesson business.

The bookitLive platform addresses the following frustrations as a golf instructor and golf course owners.

Complex Booking Processes: With features like booking rules & policies, bookitLive simplifies the booking process, ensuring that businesses can set specific rules for booking, cancellation, and rescheduling. This streamlines the booking experience for both the business and the student.

Lack of Client Information: The booking questions feature allows businesses to collect additional information from students during the booking process, ensuring they have all the necessary details to provide the lesson.

Student Management Overhead: The student user account self-management feature empowers clients to manage their own accounts, reducing the administrative burden on the business.

Resource Overlaps and Conflicts: Resource scheduling ensures that Instructors are efficiently scheduled without overlaps, ensuring smooth operations.

Limited Promotion Options: With gift vouchers, packages, offers & deals businesses have multiple avenues to promote their services and attract more students.

Inefficient Communication: Email and SMS automated notification feature allows businesses to send booking confirmations and reminders, ensuring effective communication with students.

Missed Appointments: The software includes reminders that help reduce no-shows by reminding students of their upcoming appointments.

Limited Revenue Streams: By offering features like gift vouchers and packages, businesses can diversify their revenue streams and offer more value to their students.

Lack of Customisation: The ability to set booking questions means businesses can tailor the booking process to their specific needs, ensuring they collect all the necessary information.

Inefficient Marketing: SMS marketing, businesses have tools at their disposal to effectively market their services and reach a wider audience.

booking system for golf lessons & club fitting


Anne Dickson

No more manual bookings

I am a local Golf Professional who runs individual lessons and group clinics to improve your game. I used to manage all the lesson bookings and Lesson Package sales over the phone which was time consuming. With bookitLive all my lessons bookings and Lesson Packages are done online and new clients are now finding me online as my business is now on page one of Google.

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Class and Course Bookings

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Online Payments

Take on-the-spot payments from your customers and clients right as they're making bookings.

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Extend your advertising and elevate your marketing mix by developing end-to-end campaigns that target your key audience.

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Schedules and Timetables

Whether your schedules remain the same week-to-week or you want the freedom to adapt them to suit your teams operating availability.

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Voucher and Coupon Codes

Target your core customer base with relevant price promotions, package deals and discount coupon codes.

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