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As a driving instructor, time out of the vehicle is money lost. With bookitLive driving lesson booking software, you can keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Take Driving lesson booking and sell lesson packages online

Online Booking System for Driving Schools

Complete roadmap

bookitLive allows your clients to book and pay online or purchase lesson packages. It lets you easily make, change and track your bookings. You can access your client database , track the performance of individual driving instructors. Ease your life and manage your business, your instructors, appointment scheduling and students all through the bookitLive cloud-based platform.

Reverse park the no-shows

With bookitLive, you can send an automatic SMS reminder to students the day before their driving lesson or driver’s license test. You’ll quickly notice the decrease in costly no-shows and tardy L-platers.

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First lesson free

A great way to draw in new students is to offer the first driving lesson free. Embed a bookitLive button in your advertisements and website, and first-timers will be able to schedule the special offer while existing learners book their usual lesson.

If you Driving School has 40 cars that it operates to conduct driving lessons. Customers can book any instructor online or over the phone. Phone bookings are processed by a receptionist by checking instructor availability and making an online booking on behalf of the customer. As all bookings are online they are instantly visible to the driving instructors using their Smartphones or Tablets. Instructors can make repeat bookings for customers without having to leave the car.

Driving School Software

There are many other reasons why driving schools should consider using bookitLive:

An important feature of bookitLive is its ability to create and maintain a complete database of all your drivers’ information, including their contact details, driving lesson progress history, license details, etc. This enables you to provide a more personalised service to each of your customers.

Student Scheduling in bookitLive is elegantly presented which provides easy lesson management. The interface has been designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it a pleasure for students and instructors to use.

As a result, you can increase your turnover by reducing costs associated with administration and staff training.

bookitLive is the ideal solution for driving schools who want to reduce administrative overheads.

The best way to get started with bookitLive is to sign up for a 14 day Free Trial

If you’re just in the early phase of considering becoming a licensed driving instructor you will need to complete a state based Driving Instructor Authority Application. Then we’ll be happy to set you up with the Australian-Made Booking Management Platform for your complete software solution for your driving school.

Manage staff schedules

Create a plan for all driving instructors, which includes taking into account holidays and vacations. Each instructor will be able to access the system and manage their appointments. Alternatively, you can have an administrator manage all bookings for the driving school instructors and students.

With bookitlive’s online scheduling software you get a powerful management platform that runs the entire school cycle.

The Automated email system and optional SMS message notifications help keep the students reminded of upcoming lessons. Also, avoid costly double bookings and open up spaces automatically when a student cancels a lesson time.

Accept payments

You can accept payments online for lesson bookings and lesson package purchases. Additionally, you can take booking and package payments from your dashboard.


We take security seriously. Your student’s information is always secure with us. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we’ve built in high-quality security features to ensure that all safety measures are taken to protect your and your client’s privacy.

Student management

  • Students and parents can complete a simple online enrollment form via online signup process.
  • Allow students to book and manage their lessons in a powerful Cloud-based solution.
  • Automatically send reminders
  • If you don’t already have a website, the online booking system allows you to create an entirely customised professional driver training booking site.

Dashboard & Reports

You can manage all your driving school’s activities through bookitLive. On the Dashboards page, you can see all new booking requests, upcoming bookings, which driving instructor has been booked and the purchases for the week, workload and even more. From there you can choose detailed reporting options so you can view any information you want including bookings, clients, lessons, packages and more.

Marketing features for Driving Instructors

bookItLive is an online booking platform trusted by corporations, universities, and governments for managing their most important booking and schedule requirements that need to be PCI compliant, data driven, and fully integrated with their internal applications and services. With full analytics and data insight reports, you can track and measure the conversion rates for your marketing efforts.

Other Marketing features include the ability to set up price promotions, package deals and discount coupon codes.

Booking from multiple channels

To increase your chances of attracting new drivers, you can advertise your driving school’s booking page through various online platforms, including Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

One-On-One Assistance with the Setup

We’re dedicated to your success, so provide a thorough personal one-on-one onboarding during the entire implementation process to give you the confidence you need to achieve success.

We’ll help you reach your unique business goals by providing you with the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Then, access customised training modules designed especially for your business and staff. Whether you are a sole trader or a local team of 20, our targeted training plans set your staff up from the get-go and throughout the journey.

Driving Instruction and Student

Unique Features of Bookitlive:

Our have tried to build similar booking platforms but we continue to evolve the platform and offer these unique features to all our driving school instructors and operators.

  • Booking Rules & Policies.
  • Booking Questions.
  • Client Account Self Management.
  • Resource Scheduling.
  • Gift Vouchers.
  • Packages.
  • Offers & Deals.
  • Directories.
  • SMS Marketing.

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Eleviate the challenges for operating your driving school.

The bookitLive platform addresses the following frustrations as an instructor and driving school owners.

Complex Booking Processes: With features like booking rules & policies, bookitLive simplifies the booking process, ensuring that businesses can set specific rules for booking, cancellation, and rescheduling. This streamlines the booking experience for both the business and the student.

Lack of Client Information: The booking questions feature allows businesses to collect additional information from students during the booking process, ensuring they have all the necessary details to provide the lesson.

Student Management Overhead: The student user account self-management feature empowers clients to manage their own accounts, reducing the administrative burden on the business.

Resource Overlaps and Conflicts: Resource scheduling ensures that Instructors are efficiently scheduled without overlaps, ensuring smooth operations.

Limited Promotion Options: With gift vouchers, packages, offers & deals businesses have multiple avenues to promote their services and attract more students.

Inefficient Communication: Email and SMS automated notification feature allows businesses to send booking confirmations and reminders, ensuring effective communication with students.

Missed Appointments: The software includes reminders that help reduce no-shows by reminding students of their upcoming appointments.

Limited Revenue Streams: By offering features like gift vouchers and packages, businesses can diversify their revenue streams and offer more value to their students.

Lack of Customisation: The ability to set booking questions means businesses can tailor the booking process to their specific needs, ensuring they collect all the necessary information.

Inefficient Marketing: SMS marketing, businesses have tools at their disposal to effectively market their services and reach a wider audience.

Case Study:

After working for some of Australia’s bigger Driving Schools (NRMA and Trent Driving School) for 22 years Mary Mackey started her own school. She discusses how bookitLive helps streamline her administrative overheads.

Read about her Journey

See what our Driving Schools Instructor Customers think about bookitLive:

Mark (15/15 stars)

A lot of market research led us back to bookitlive

Reviewed on 11/10/2015
Drive for Life Driver Training has had a great experience with bookitlive. Our business needs are complex as we are not a typical driver training company. David took the time to understand us, and worked very closely with our accounts team over a number of weeks to ensure the back of house processes suited the internal financial requirements. This wasn’t a small task as we are a not-for-profit enterprise with charity status; our financial systems are very tight and we work to a high level of scrutiny. David took this all in his stride. Operationally, I’m confident we are getting the best system – it’s easy to use and customer friendly.
All in all, the level of service, value for money and operational and reporting capability is the best I have seen – and I have investigated systems for driver training at great length.

Mary (15/15 Stars)

Should have gone online years ago

Reviewed on 22/11/2014

I have been struggling with scheduling my driving instructors manually for year. I booked my kids at a local trampoline centre and found they were using bookitlive so I checked it out for myself. I discovered it was widely used to manage driving lesson booking across Australia and New Zealand so I jumped on board and wow I am now generating more revenue and saving heaps of time.

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Book and pay for Driving Lesson using your mobile phone


Case Study: Pat Owen

Book and Pay for Driving Lessons online
My Driving school employs 10 independent Driving Instructors. Managing student booking manually was a nightmare. I needed an online booking software that would allow my instructors to view and manage their own bookings. bookitLive online booking software allows an account for each my Instructor and solves all my appointments management nightmares.

Specialised Features perfect for this business

Reminder & Follow-up notifications

Send out reminder and follow-up notifications to reduce costly no-shows and increase repeat bookings

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Custom Notification Templates

Customise your email templates to deliver beautiful emails using the fonts, colours, and images that showcase you brand.

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Mobile Responsive

Attract and convert Mobile-first Customers.

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Online Payments

Take on-the-spot payments from your customers and clients right as they're making bookings.

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Online Forms & Waivers

Online forms & waivers to collect booking and customer data

Smart Forms

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Class and Course Bookings

Class booking software to grow your business

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Voucher and Coupon Codes

Target your core customer base with relevant price promotions, package deals and discount coupon codes.

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