Features - Schedules and Timetables

Flexible booking schedules designed for single practitioners and teams

Allow your customers to easily book their appointments at time that suit your practitioners. Whether you're managing the schedules of multiple Instructors, health professions, accountants or trainers - or simply want a way to book within your own opening hours - bookitLive's powerful scheduling engine suits you and your clients.

Whether your schedules remain the same week-to-week or you want the freedom to adapt them to suit your teams operating availability, the beautiful backend lets you schedule with ease. Set weekly or fortnightly recurring schedules as you need each day for each team member or add individual schedules for a specific date and time.

business managing user access from their booking system dashboard

It’s simple to configure and add schedules with on-demand support

We’ll help you configure and add schedules that works the way your team operate.

What’s more we’ll give you remote walkthroughs so you can master the software. Our hands-on approach to training means that you can be truly hands-off when it comes to accepting bookings.

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It doesn’t stop here: Access a range of features to support your business

As well as setting static or rotating schedules, you can access a range of other helpful features with bookitLive.

  • Take online payments using secure systems like eWay, SecurePay and PayPal
  • Send automatic appointment booking confirmations and reminders
  • Offer discounts with coupon codes
  • Class and course bookings

You’ll find everything you need to enhance you client relationship and business operations in one place.

Build a robust (yet fluid) way of converting more interesting browsers into paying clients.

Are you a BIG business that needs a custom online booking solution?

See what we have to offer you and your customers.

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