Case Study: Selecting Booking System for a New Driving School

Time to go it alone…

After working for some of Australia’s bigger Driving Schools (NRMA and Trent Driving School) for 22 years Mary Mackey, at KDT Driver Training decided to start her own school in May 2022. She knew she needed a booking platform and after conducting some research Google found bookitLive. 

Selection, Setup and Ready to go

Because NRMA used the same booking platform she had no hesitation to go with bookitLive. She rang support and David was most accommodating, he set me up and resolved things very, very quickly.

Mary declared herself technologically challenged, so she needed a simple booking system. After some basic help from her nephew, the business opened and has been busy since.

Perfect when you don’t want to be on the phone all day.

When asked how it has helped the business on a day-to-day basis Mary was quick to state.

“The fact I’ve got a full book most days the last thing I want to do is talk to ten people when I get home or during the day when I’m taking lessons and this booking system helps streamline my administrative overheads.”

Want to give it a spin?

The BookitLive platform offers a specialised Driving School Booking System to reduce administrative overheads and student no-shows. According to a survey conducted by bookitLive, 76% of businesses that use online scheduling software reported an increase in revenue, with the average increase being 30%.

For a free trial and to read more about the booking platform features designed for Driving Schools click here.