Features - Schedule Downtime

Managing the time when you and your team is unavailable

bookitLive has a number of features that allows to block out time for when you are unavailable. We understand that nobody is available all the time and needs to close off timeslots in a day, whole days or date ranges.

Using the booking system dashboard to schedule downtime

Non-working Days

bookitLive allows you to define the day or range of days as being unavailable for bookings, for one of more members of your team or for the entire business. Useful for managing situations such as employee leave, training or public holidays.

Block out Times

Any timeslot within your or operating schedule can be blocked out to stop the timeslot from being available to be booked by customers.

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Service break time

Adding a break time to your services cater for businesses that require time between services. Such as: a mobile business needs to allow for travel time between jobs, a therapist needs cleanup and setup time between appointments.

  • Block out a range of days for when your business is close for holidays
  • Block out  timeslots within a day
  • Block out days for staff training
  • Cater for travel time between job
  • Block out a range of days for staff leave
  • Schedule preparation and clean breaks

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