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Booking Software BUILD or BUY

Should you build your own booking software or buy off the shelf? The first step in the process is to conduct a complete and honest assessment of business needs, internal team and hardware  infrastructure. Validation While a business might have already decided to adopt booking software, the first step in the process is to validate … Continued

Managing your Driving Lesson bookings

Managing your Driving Lesson bookings Money doesn’t grow on trees. You need to invest time and money in order for your Driving School to thrive. But be wise with how you spend your limited time. Focus more on improving the student experience, and reduce the effort required to manage the lesson bookings and lesson package … Continued

Consideration for implementing online appointment booking software for your medical practice

Introduction Online Appointment booking software is the essential feature in patient scheduling and a well-organised system can save time and increase efficiency for your medical practice or clinic to deliver timely healthcare. An increasing number of medical practices are now offering patients the option of making appointments online. Different options of online appointment software are … Continued

New client fields and filtering

Today we released some additional client fields and filtering capabilities. New Client fields Reference Related Name Group Anniversary Reference (text field) The reference field can be used to assign a client a reference that can be used to filter the client list. Related Name (text field) The related name field can be used to associated a … Continued

Configuring your booking software from a Laptop

Must have cloud-based online software for in 2019

Must have cloud-based online software in 2019 When running a business it can often be tough to keep track of everything. With this cloud based software you can operate efficiently, whether you’re at work, home, or on the road. Dropbox Dropbox is our favourite cloud-based file storage service that allows you to sync files to … Continued

Online Booking Software

Online booking software means different things to different people. It is a broad term used to describe software that is used to make a booking to see a person, attend an event, group session, reserve accommodation, purchase a ticket or get an Uber. There are many different types of online booking software for different purposes. … Continued

How to choose an ONLINE BOOKING & PAYMENT SYSTEM – Chapter 2

We now live in an age where practically everything is online including business. It’s now crucial that every business – no matter the sector – has a web presence, because Google has replaced the phone book. Not only does online technology help mobile businesses get found online, it also helps them convert visits to your … Continued

The Top 15 reasons to use an Enterprise Booking System

Why do BIG enterprise businesses need to implement an online booking system Both business BIG and small that need to schedule appointments and reservations can improve and simplify their booking processes by incorporating an enterprise online booking system into their operations. bookitLive has released its top 15 reasons why all businesses BIG and small can … Continued

Booking & Payment Solutions for Enterprise Businesses Organisations

bookitLive for enterprise businesses organisations bookitLive is the ideal solution for enterprise business organisations looking to add online booking & payment processes. Externally bookitLive can help you open up new opportunities to increase customers, upsell, reduce no-shows and improve customer experiences. Internally it can improve understanding of customer behaviours, staffing requirements and resource allocation, help … Continued

How can a online Booking System & Appointment Software benefit my business?

The benefits of an online booking system The benefits of an online booking system & appointment software are substantial. If you want to keep track of your business, have no missed calls, and connect with your customers. Online booking software provides you with the opportunity to improve your business and create more profit. Benefits include: … Continued

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