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Driving Lesson Booking Software for Small Schools: A Game-Changer

With the ever-increasing digitisation of services, even industries that traditionally relied on manual methods are now making the shift to digital tools or are being left behind. One such area is the world of driving lessons. As larger institutions swiftly adapt to the digital age, smaller schools are often left wondering whether these technological advancements … Continued

What Every Learner Driver Should Know About Basic Car Maintenance

So it’s an exciting time when you’re learning to drive a car, no doubt you’re booking lessons with a qualified driving instructor to teach you the finer details about the skills of driving on the roads of Australia. But a good life skill to know basic car maintenance so that you can keep your independence … Continued

How to get more bookings via your website and other digital assets

Booking platforms do a wonderful job lifting the administrative load for businesses that manage clients and a diary schedule. That includes booking lessons (driving, golf), appointments (doctors and tattoo artists), repairs and services (car, cleaning) or professional services like accountant Building assessments) Customisable online booking systems also provide exceptional ongoing marketing results after the client … Continued

Harnessing Technology and Software to Make Australian Golf Courses Profitable

The world of golf is going through a rapid transformation, fuelled by emerging technologies and innovative software. In Australia, the use of these tools is not just about improving the game for players. It’s also about maximising profitability for golf course operators. So, how can Australian golf courses leverage technology and software to turn their … Continued

Driving Schools Embrace Virtual Reality Technology for Driver Training

Virtual reality (VR) technology has revolutionised various industries, and now driving schools are joining the trend. If you’re not out driving the perfect learners driving car, incorporating VR into driver training programs, schools are enhancing the learning experience and improving road safety. This article explores how driving schools are harnessing the power of VR to … Continued

Why Australian companies should choose a Booking Software Provider hosted in Australia

Selecting the right booking software provider is crucial for the success of any business, and Australian companies should carefully consider the location of their hosting. While there may be numerous options available from around the globe, opting for a booking software provider hosted in Australia offers several distinct advantages. Here is the ten reasons why … Continued

A streamlined and efficient way to manage bookings and payments

Baylink Motorcycle Training Centre has been providing high-quality motorcycle training and assessments for years. However, they were struggling to manage their bookings and payments efficiently. That’s when they turned to bookitlive, an online booking and payment software that streamlines the booking process, making it easier and more convenient for both the business and its students. … Continued

Premium Features of Booking software for Golf Instruction & Lessons Business

Booking software for Golf Instructors Must have functionality for managing a Golf Instruction and Golf Lesson business: Online golf lesson bookings & payments 24/7 Online lesson voucher purchasing with integrated booking redemption Automated email & SMS to students and instructors for booking confirmations, voucher purchases and reminders Student dashboards to manage their own bookings Instructor … Continued

Helping learner drivers with booking lessons.

Learning to drive is an essential skill that can be intimidating for many individuals. With the help of driving schools, learners can get the guidance, driving experience and support they need to become confident drivers. However, managing the logistics of driving lessons can be time-consuming and frustrating for both learners and professional driving instructors. This … Continued

Online booking with payment is a superior option for businesses and customers alike

In recent years, online booking has become increasingly popular across various industries. With the rise of e-commerce and the digital economy, consumers now have the option to book and pay for products and services online, without the need to call or physically visit the businesses location to book, not all online booking systems are created … Continued

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