Online Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software

Custom booking system and payment solutions for Big Business

Turn online visitors into paying customers with a bookitLive's enterprise booking and payment software. bookitLive online booking platform is trusted by retailers, banks and government to manage their most important customer booking requirements that need to be secure, data-driven, and fully integrated with internal software and systems.

We can build the features that work for your business

bookitLive can be as big as you need it; we provide you the freedom to select the right add-ons to the platform that match your business goals – and even help you discover new options to reach your target audiences.

  • Connect to your preferred payment gateway
  • Onsite & remote training
  • Integrate to your internal systems
  • Develop you own solution using our booking API
  • Priority Support
  • Brand the booking pages to reflect your company image
Managing your custom online booking system

We are a hands-on partner for your brand

Dedicated to your success, we provide thorough consultancy during the entire installation and onboarding process to give you the confidence you need to achieve success.

Working solely to achieve your unique business goals, we’ll provide satisfaction at every stage in the journey.

Then, access customised training modules designed especially for your business and staff. Whether you have a local team of 20, or a multinational with a sky-high annual turnover, our targeted training plans set your staff up from the get-go and throughout the journey.

Financial Services

bookitLive brings a range of booking system functionality for financial services businesses to help personalise the relationship. Whether it’s a Home Loan consultation appointment or a life long customer planning their retirement, our efficient and simple online appointment booking software can handle the unique requirements of the finance industry.


bookitLive enables telecommunication companies to seamlessly manage online, mobile, in-store and contact centre booking for in branch services, education and expertise. We are the market leaders in helping large B2C organisations use their online presence to promote and monetise their value-add in-store services.


Retailers have felt the pressure from online more than most, but today’s savvy shopping brands are fighting back. They’re improving connections between their online and brick & mortar store. They’re ensuring the value of the brick & mortar store is kept front and center with expert assistance, memorable experiences and quality service.


Our customer booking system platform helps government departments simplify their complicated, high-volume engagement requirements. Provisioning digital processes to appointment scheduling improves customer experience and creates enormous staffing and process efficiencies. Powerful reporting enables management to maximise staff and resource utilisation.

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