Business tips for encouraging repeat appointment bookings

Business tips for encouraging more bookings

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Encouraging new clients to buy your services can be really time consuming, and whilst it is important to have new clients, being overly focused on winning new business can take your focus away from existing loyal clients. Loyal clients are important as they bring your business regular income, without taking up as much as your time or resources as targeting new clients does. As well as bringing in regular income to your businesses, loyal clients also act as walking adverts for your business, spreading positive information about you through word of mouth. Essentially it is much easier, not to mention cost-effective to nurture and reward your existing clients than to win around new ones. So here are some top tips to encourage those repeat bookings and purchases, and increase customer loyalty:

Keep in touch

In order for clients to come back and use your services again, you need to be front of their mind when they require the service you offer. You should aim to have regular communication with your clients, through social media, emails and newsletters, in order to inform them of any changes your business has gone through and any special promotions or offers you are running.

Exceed client expectations

The key to gaining repeat bookings and client loyalty is by providing a great service that exceeds clients’ expectations, and satisfies them into spending regular money with your business. Ensure you add value to your service wherever possible to make the client experience as enjoyable and memorable as you can. Having easy methods for clients to book and purchase your service, get in contact, and even little things like providing clients with drinks during an appointment, will help do this.

Build meaningful relationships

Clients are more likely to book your services again if they feel a connection to you and your business. That’s why it is important to build lasting relationships with your clients. This is easy to do, by keeping a record of such things as; your client details, what services they usually book and at what times. You can then use this information to personalise your target marketing and encourage clients to book again.

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