Event Booking Software for universities and Tafe

Checking Career Counseling sessions addendees on the ABooking System dashboard

Is your campus a dynamic hub of academic, social and cultural activity? Now you just need a complete event booking software solution to pull together all the details of booking management. That solution is bookitLive, and we know that you want to meet and exceed expectations of what an event at an academic venue can be.

bookitLive’s university and Tafe event booking software can make it easier for you and your staff to efficiently manage details and deliver superior events. We’ll help you eliminate stress caused by double bookings, missed deadlines, data entry errors, lack of communication, and disorganised processes.

With complete campus event booking software from bookitlive, you’ll free up time and have more energy to concentrate on what’s important: creating successful events that build your thriving campus community.

What are the benefits of having all your event booking information & tasks in bookitLive?

  •     Work faster with consistent, streamlined processes
  •     Keep event staff informed with access to current, accurate information
  •     Keep stakeholders informed with professional, informative communications
  •     Reduce costs associated with busywork like repetitive data entry & paperwork
  •     Organise precise, accurate details for events quickly & easily
  •     Access consolidated reports for more informed decision making
  • Integrates to Onestop payment gateway (Onestop is used by Australian universities to integrate payments into their accounting processes)

Why use bookitLive?

With 10 years’ experience in Event booking management software development and implementations for Universities & Tafe’s, no one is better equipped to deliver solutions that put simply… just work. Highly customisable for your unique requirements, and implemented with experienced setup advice  and specialised training specific to your needs. bookitLive shines through in every step of the process.

Backed by a team that genuinely care about the success of our clients, including beyond the call of duty support, an investment in bookitLive is an investment in your future success.