The Perfect Car for Learning to Drive!

A few months ago we published an article on the cost of getting your licence in Australia which includes the option of paying $40,000 for a single Driving Lesson! Well, today we get a little more serious….Today we will focus on what vehicle is best to learn to drive in. Rather than focus on the typical Manual or Automatic debate we decided to focus on safety and everyday challenges that will have you well prepared to jump into the test car come D-day, when and IF that day comes after you have a crack in one of these beauties. 

The Clown Car Chronicles:

If you’re looking to maximise your learning experience while providing laughter to onlookers, the clown car is the ultimate choice. Just picture it—a colourful, tiny vehicle capable of housing an entire circus troupe. The sight of you squeezing into this hilariously minuscule automobile will surely have pedestrians in stitches. Plus, the clown car’s compact size teaches you the art of precision driving as you navigate through the tiniest of gaps, all while honking your oversized horn.

The Paddock bomb:

For those seeking a true automotive adventure, the paddock bomb is your ticket to memorable mishaps. With rusted doors that barely open and a funky odour reminiscent of a time long forgotten, this classic relic will prepare you for any situation. Learning to drive in a paddock bomb builds character, patience, and resilience as you wrestle with its stubborn gears and dodgy brakes. Just remember to keep a toolbox handy for those unexpected roadside repairs!

The Boisterous Bus Bonanza:

If your goal is to conquer the road with a rebellious attitude, look no further than the iconic school bus. Painted in vibrant hues and exuding a distinct “no-nonsense” aura, this colossal machine commands attention. Manoeuvring through traffic with a bus not only instils you with an unyielding sense of confidence but also ensures that other motorists grant you ample space—after all, who would dare challenge a bus? Plus, the bus’s oversized dimensions will give you a taste of what it feels like to navigate a city built for compact cars.

The Mr Whippy Ride:

For those brave souls who want to master the art of reversing, the ice cream truck presents itself as a tantalising challenge. With its enchanting jingles and the promise of sugary delights, the ice cream truck lures kids and adults alike. But as you embark on your reverse-rampage adventure, you’ll quickly realise that parallel parking is a cakewalk compared to manoeuvring this massive vehicle backward through narrow streets. Be prepared for plenty of laughs, as your ice cream truck escapades will attract both confusion and envy from your fellow learners.

While our quest for the perfect car to learn to drive in may have taken an unconventional turn, the underlying message remains: it’s not about the car, but the experiences and lessons learned on the road. 

So, whether you choose a clown car, a paddock bomb, or steal a My Whippy Van, embrace the quirks, challenges, and laughter that come with it. After all, the best way to relax and learn to drive is with a smile on your face and a sense of humour in your heart.

Disclaimer and Legal stuff: The vehicles mentioned in this article are intended for humorous purposes only. Please book a driving instructor with an easy car to drive. Also, adhere to local laws and regulations when choosing a car for your driving lessons.

After you pick up one of these gems, make sure you know the basics for maintaining your car. 

Remember, laughter is the best fuel for your driving journey! Happy driving, fellow adventurers!