The benefits of bookitlive online booking and payment software

booking and payment software benefits

The benefits of the bookitlive online booking & payment software are substantial. Your business is open 24/7 for bookings & payments, reduced workload, powerful customer data to market and grow your business, coupon codes to fill classes, improved cash flow and happy customers and much much more.

Open 24/7 for customer to book and pay

Customers want to make booking and payment at a time that suites them which is often outside of your business hours. As the bookitlive online booking & payment software is always on customers can book themselves 24/7 on any internet connected device.

Reduced workload

If you are not using online booking & payment software today, then you be spending a lot of your time processing your bookings manually. bookitlive online booking & payment software will reduce your workload giving you back time to focus on your customers.

Powerful customer data to market and grow your business

The hidden benefit of online booking & payment software is the data collected when a customer books for themselves. This data can be used to power your business growth by using the contact details to constantly communicate and market to your customers.

Coupon codes to fill classes

Having trouble filling some classes. Coupon codes are a great way to fill classes and measure what marketing campaigns work for your business.

Online bookings will reduce no-shows

Customers who made a financial commitment by booking and paying for their appointments, activities and events are more likely to show up, resulting in significantly fewer no-show. Using email and SMS reminder notification further reduces no-shows as customers are notified just prior to the appointment, activity or event. In the event a customer does need to cancel, their spot automatically becomes available again so someone else can book it.

Happy Customers

Providing a quick easy and secure way to book and pay online means more happy customers. bookitlive is mobile friendly and can be used on any internet connected device so customer can book anytime anywhere. Most people would prefer to book online rather than making a call.

Your business is open around the clock

Customers can make a booking themselves anytime anywhere. Using an online booking and payment software means that your business is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can maximise bookings

Customers who book their own bookings are more likely to show up, making no-shows a thing of the past. If a customer does need to cancel, the spot automatically opens up, giving another customer the chance to book it. By maximising your bookings, you won’t leave unused activity spots or rentals on the table.

Online booking means faster payments.

An online booking system can require customers to prepay for appointment, activities and events upfront. If you currently do not have an online booking and payment software, you must wait for customers to show up before you can collect payment. Online booking pre-payments puts money into your pocket faster and helps make sure that on the day of the appointment, activities or events you don’t have to worry about payment. Taking pre-payments at time of booking improves your cash flow as you have the money in advance and do not have to chase payments later.

You’re not tied to a phone

If a customer calls your business and gets sent to voicemail, they may call back later – or they may call another business. Online booking and payment software allow you capture more potential business because booking times and information are always available. It also means you won’t get caught in a dreaded game of telephone tag.

It’s easy to manage your calendar

Online booking and payment software allow you to check your bookings and availability wherever you are on any mobile device. You always know the status of your business and can easily see your future bookings and contact your customers.

You get valuable insight about your business

Online booking and payment software come with a dashboard of reporting analytics that help you quickly determine your most popular services and products. With at-a-glance data that is simple to understand, you’re able to focus on creating offers your customers want the most–and grow your business by doing so.

Key Features

Some of the key features of bookitLive include:

  • Smart forms
  • Automated SMS & email notifications
  • Automated SMS & email reminders
  • Recurring appointment and event scheduling
  • Voucher, Coupon and client discounting
  • Class & Group bookings
  • Event bookings
  • Custom notification templates
  • Built-in payment processing (bookitPay)
  • Integrated payment processing (eWay,SecurePay, PayPal)
  • Client forms
  • Email & SMS Marketing direct from client list
  • Integration with Dropbox
  • Integration with SwiftPOS
  • Application Programable Interface
  • Customer and business mobile friendly dashboards
  • Customisable Branding
  • Data Import/Export
  • Calendar Management
  • Client Database
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Reports
  • Mobile Integration
  • Reporting & Statistics


Custom Development Services

We can build the features that work for your business. bookitLive can be as big as you need it; we provide you the freedom to select the right add-ons to the platform that match your business goals – and even help you discover new options to reach your target audiences.