Repeat bookings are now here

Repeat bookings now available

If you’ve got loyal clients and customers, now you can make repeat bookings to reoccur daily, weekly, or monthly. This is going to save you a whole heap or time. Repeat bookings works for both appointment bookings and group session bookings for repeat class bookings.

How to make repeat recurring appointments and class bookings?

I know you’re itching to get your regular clients set up with repeat recurring bookings, so here’s how it’s done:

Adding a repeat booking

  1. Login to your bookitlive account
  2. Select the next to any existing booking on your dashboard to add a repeat booking
  3. The repeat booking page will open with the current booking details displayed against the client
  4. Select the repeat frequency and select the period (Days, Weeks, Months)
  5. Select the end date when the repeat will finish
  6. Select show Dates and Availability to list all the booking dates. If a booking date is not available it will be shown in red as not available. The list of available dates can be adjusted and some dates removed
  7. Select Save to add all the select booking times

Can my clients book repeat bookings online?

No this is a business only feature and is not available for clients.

Your clients can only make single bookings on your public online booking page. If after that first booking, you decide to lock things in for the long haul, you can book any individual client for a repeat booking.

Are payments supported for repeat bookings?

No, card and voucher payments are not supported for repeat bookings at this time.