New client fields and filtering

Configuring your booking software from a Laptop

Today we released some additional client fields and filtering capabilities.

New Client fields

  • Reference
  • Related Name
  • Group
  • Anniversary

Reference (text field)

The reference field can be used to assign a client a reference that can be used to filter the client list.

Related Name (text field)

The related name field can be used to associated a client to a parent or emergency contact person.

Group (text field)

The group field can be used to catagorise clients into a group. Once a group is set the clients can then be filtered by the group name to allow a business to send communications via email and SMS

Anniversary (date field)

The Anniversary field is a date field and can be used to set a date of an anniversary. This might be a date when a purchase was made or the next date for maintenance. alternatively it could be used to store a date reference for a discount.