Managing your driving lesson assessment documentation

Booking software for driving lessons

Most Driving Instructors need to track and record the students’ progress to make sure they have reached the required standard to take their driving test. This is normally achieved by manually filling in lesson assessment forms and then storing and keeping this paperwork to meet regulatory requirements.

The issue
The process of manually filling in lesson assessment forms is time consuming and be overlooked, this results in forms not being completed or piled up on a desk and forgotten. The process of filling in the documentation is often considered as a chore and provides little value to the student. Failing to complete and store lesson assessment forms can breach regulation requirements.

The solution
Using the bookitLive client smart form templates for lesson assessment documentation makes the process of completing  lesson documentation quick and easy. The advantages on completing the Driving Lesson assessment documentation online includes:

  • Easily see progress and reuse saved forms. After a Driving Lesson assessment documentation has been filled once it can be copied and used for the next lesson. Using this approach, the Driving Instructor can assess the progress, identify areas of improvement and proceed
  • Ability to easily provide information to the student. After a lesson has been completed the Driving Instructor can open the filled Driving Lesson assessment documentation and click a button to email to the student. This allows the student to see their progress and notify them of the skills they need to practice.
  • No need to stored paper records. bookitlive will continually store the filled Driving Lesson assessment documentation against the student record so the Driving Instructor can meet their legal storage requirements. The Driving Instructor can also keep a copy themselves by saving as a PDF