COVID-19 lockdown rollercoaster continues

The COVID-19 lockdown rollercoaster continues

It is an intense time. The future feels unknown and it is OK to feel uncertain.  That is a normal reaction.

We all need to remain calm when we are surrounded by confusion. Panic does not serve us, our communities, or our businesses well.

Your bookitLive online booking web application is a valuable tool that is going to help you take back control over the booking scheduling chaos. As experts in online bookings and payments, we understand it is time for businesses to be proactive not reactive. Reach out to your clients now and let them know how you will be handling bookings over the next few weeks and months ahead.

bookitLive has helped 100’s of businesses to get back up and running again by adding the functionality to collect COVID Safe contact information. Adding a smart form to notify your client of COVID Safe requirements and to collect contact details of all attendees at time of booking allows your business to reopen and meet government COVID health protocols.

Contact us if you need help making your business COVID Safe.