Booking Waitlist

booking software with waitlisting functionality

Fill more spaces with waitlisting

If you run a business that is popular and your appointments, class sessions or events often fill up fast you may find that you need to have a waiting list.

Booking waitlisting allow customers to join a waitlist when your appointments, class sessions and events are booked out.

booking waitlist

When someone drops out from an appointment, class session or event the customers on the waiting list can be automatically notified so they can book in.


Using booking waitlisting allows your business to manage and automate filling empty spaces when customers move or cancel. This allows you business to maximise your profits by filling empty spaces.


bookitlive allows you to enable waiting lists for any appointment, class session or event.  This will allow your customers to join a waiting list if the appointment, class session or event is fully booked. Once they join the waiting list, they will receive an email confirmation when a place become available due to a cancellation or modification, the customers on the waiting list will receive an email notifying them that a space is available with a link for them to click to make a booking. If the space has already been taken the by someone else the time will still be displayed as Join Waitlist. However, should another place become available they will be notified again.

bookitlive waitlist process

The bookitlive waititlist approach is based on first customer to book gets the slot so all customer are treated equally on the waitlist.

  • When a appointment, class session or event is booked out customer can join waitlist using the standard booking process
  • When a space becomes available customers on the waitlist are notified by email and or SMS
  • Customers can click on link and make a booking using the standard booking process (This process allows us to cater for complex pricing)
  • Customer on waitlist that books is removed from the waitlist
  • Customers that missed out remain on the waitlist and are notified the next time space becomes available