Booking & Payment Solutions for Enterprise Businesses Organisations

bookitLive for enterprise businesses organisations

bookitLive is the ideal solution for enterprise business organisations looking to add online booking & payment processes.

Externally bookitLive can help you open up new opportunities to increase customers, upsell, reduce no-shows and improve customer experiences.

Internally it can improve understanding of customer behaviours, staffing requirements and resource allocation, help you become more efficient and generate more insightful customer data. Applications for bookitLive include…

  • Activity centre bookings
  • Financial & Taxation consultations
  • Healthcare appointments
  • Automotive servicing
  • Educational class & course booking
  • Lessons & Instruction
  • Equipment servicing appointments
  • Internal resource scheduling
  • Event booking & management
  • And much more…

Core Features & Functionality

bookitLive offers organisations a broad range of off-the-shelf tools and features to incorporate booking & payment capabilities into their internal and public-facing operations in a flexible, cost-effective way.

  • Educational class & course booking
  • Value add in store/branch appointments
  • Banking & Financial consultations
  • Healthcare appointments
  • Telco appointments
  • Equipment servicing appointments
  • Internal resource scheduling
  • Event booking & management
  • And much more…


Core functionality of the bookitlive platform includes:

A single platform; unlimited use cases

Cloud based software built from the ground-up to fit all types of organisations and use-cases, bookitlive is the ideal solution for organisations seeking a single technology solution that can be implemented to address different booking needs.

Un-matched functionality, flexibility, & configuration

bookitlive has a vast array of flexible core and advanced features to enable you to build and manage booking and payment solutions from end-to-end in a way that matches the very specific needs and requirements of your organisation.

Built to work on all devices

Both the bookitlive admin dashboard and user-facing website pages have been built to work on all desktop and mobile computing devices and are compatible with all modern web and mobile browsers.

Sophisticated reporting & data management tools

Accurate data, reporting and evidencing is vital, as such bookitLive has been built to integrate with legacy reporting and data systems, and/or we can provide clients with bookitLive’s own suite of advanced tools to enable them to analyse and review booking and user data as required.

Customisable email & SMS customer communications

bookitLive offers fully customisable email and SMS booking confirmations, reminders to enable clients to manage their interactions with users, reduce administration, reduce costs and gather feedback.

Seamless, intuitive user experience for staff & customers

It’s crucial for organisations to be able to offer staff and customers a seamless brand experience across all engagement channels, whether that’s face-to-face, on the phone or online. public-facing web pages of bookitLive are entirely configurable and skin-able to match your specific requirements and designs.

The Benefits of bookitLive

bookitLive’s booking systems and appointment software deliver benefits for brands and organisations that reach far above and beyond simply providing appointment booking.

Fundamental benefits of bookitLive include:

  • Unlocking new revenue streams – By defining, offering and promoting structured in-store or in-branch services
  • Increasing in store / in branch footfall – By using your existing online assets and channels to encourage bricks & mortar engagement
  • Maximising upsell opportunities – Through encouraging the up-take of structured face-to-face appointments
  • Improving online and offline customer service – By using your existing online assets and channels to improve cross-channel
  • Improving customer data and profiling – Gather and utilise detailed, valuable information on your customers, their habits and requirements
  • Reducing operational costs – Get an accurate view of demand and uptake of in-branch services and a deeper understanding of staffing & resource requirements
  • Improving in-branch efficiency – Manage busy times and fill void periods of the day
  • Improving engagement & access to services – Match the way your customers want to interact, via the web, on mobile, instore or call centre
  • Increasing loyalty and customer lifetime value – By offering personalised, value-add services with targeted online promotions.