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From beauty therapists to Weight Loss Centres, one of the most frustrating problems we hear about is the ‘phone ringing while I am busy with a client’ conundrum. The last thing you want to do is disappoint your client by leaving them to answer the phone, but knowing you may be losing the potential phone booking is hardly ideal either.

Online appointment scheduling eliminates “urgent” time-wasting phone calls, freeing you up to tackle the “important” tasks that makes your business money.

bookitlive online appointment booking software allows your loyal customers and first-timers to make online appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, not just when you are open.

bookitlive shows them an online calendar so they can book an online appointment on the day and time that best suits them – no more time wasted on the phone going through all the dates and times that clash!

And the bookitlive online appointment booking software shows who is available so they can book their preferred masseuse, optician or manicurist etc.

bookitlive also offers a payment facility so that clients can choose to further speed up their online appointment booking by paying beforehand and this also helps reduce no-shows or late cancellations. This facility can be used to promote multiple bookings by clients, for example offering a discount for clients who use bookitlive to book a number of appointments in advance and pre-paying online. This win-win solution means you have confidence of income and the client has preferred appointment dates and times.

bookitlive offers online booking services for everyone in your business New and regular clients can book an appointment with any member of your staff. Every hair stylist, masseuse, tanning specialist, manicurist and more can have their own resource profile and online appointment scheduling system.

When you are busy working with clients, you are unable to answer the phone. bookitlive makes it easy by taking the bookings for you and can notified instantly of new bookings. Whenever a client requests an appointment, you will be notified by email or optional SMS text message to your phone.

bookitlive has online appointment booking scheduling system software for the following health and beauty businesses:

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