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The details of each client that books with you are automatically stored in your client database.

Throw away your manual client cards, all your client contact details can be stored safely and securely online. bookitlive enables you to gather all of your client information in one place. From now on you will be well prepared for any appointment as both client data and notes are easily available.

Remind Your Clients

Contact your clients via SMS text message or email.

Client Details at Your Fingertips
You’ve got a lot of clients and you can’t keep track of them all. bookitlive lets you keep important contact information plus notes for every client, so you can serve them better.

Client Relationship Management
Create better relations with your clients. Record notes after each appointment and gain a quick overview of past appointments history. Show up for each appointment well prepared.

Client Marketing
You can also use the client database to market your business by sending out news and special offers using targeted and effective marketing. Invite clients to events and remind your clients to make online appointments or simply update them with current news about your business.

Access Booking History
You know when to expect your regulars, but what about the rest of your clients? With access to complete appointment booking history you can keep track of repeat business and reduce no-shows by giving tardy clients a few extra reminders.

Run Your Own Deals

Run your own Daily Deal using your existing client database, send bulk emails or SMS text message to advise your clients of the special offer.

With the bookitlive online appointment booking software your business can:

  • Maintain a comprehensive client database
  • Import and export client details
  • Communicate easily with email and SMS text message
  • View booking history and statistics
  • Export data to your external databases or to a spreadsheet
  • Send newsletters or offers to your customers
  • Run your own Group Buying Deal

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