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Your time is very valuable, which is why you keep to a strict schedule — any minute that you spend that isn’t with a client is a money you do not earn. Unfortunately, sometimes your clients — who also lead very busy lives — forget about their appointments, which costs you revenue, causes disruptions in your schedule, and hurts your professional relationship. If you could give all of your clients appointment reminders prior to their appointments, you would increase revenue and increase client satisfaction.

Stop no-shows, same day cancellations and late arrivals with bookitlive's automated email and SMS text appointment reminders. Help your customers, clients and patients (and yourself!) remember a scheduled appointment.

email and SMS text appointment reminders can reduce no-shows by over 80%, and also greatly reduce the incidence of last minute cancellations.

You'll quickly notice the decrease in costly no-shows and tardy clients.

Most customers prefer an appointment reminder by email or SMS text reminder to a phone call. They don't have to write down details, as they have them in their phone. It also means they can read it at their convenience, rather than having to answer the phone when you call.

Calendar reminders bookitlive integrates with Outlook, Lotus Notes, iCal, Apple Calendar and Google Calendar to remind your clients of their pending appointment bookings.

Appointment Reminders pricing email appointment reminders are free. Optional SMS text reminders are purchased separately.

With the bookitlive automated appointment reminders your business can:

  • Stop no-shows by up to 80%
  • Increase your revenue by quickly filling cancelled appointments
  • Send automated email & SMS text message appointment reminders to your clients
  • Alert you when you receive a client booking
  • Send email and SMS text appointment reminders to your staff (optional)

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