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Everyday is Big Wednesday with bookitlive

As a busy surfing instructor, time spent on dry land is money down the drain. With bookitlive lesson scheduling software, you can put down the appointment book and get back on the board.

Life’s a beach

bookitlive allows wannabes to book surfing lessons online, and lets you easily change and track your bookings, advertise online and much more. Plus, bookitlive is Smartphone friendly, so even on the beach your business is always within reach.

Drop in on those bailing out

Why not opt to have an automated SMS booking reminders sent to beginner surfers the day before their surfing lesson? You’ll quickly notice the decrease in costly no-shows and lazy landsharks.

Surf school

The Group Booking feature is perfect for surfing lessons with multiple people; you can set the number of students and take multiple bookings for the same timeslot. And Flexible Schedules lets you arrange one-offs, such as weekend surf camps, outside regular business hours.

Keep business fully amped; let bookitlive handle the scheduling.

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