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Restaurant Reservation Bookings System

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A Menu of Options

Running a busy restaurant, you don’t want to waste time playing phone tag with customers. With bookitlive online booking reservation software, you can concentrate on serving up great food.

Let's Plate Up!

bookitlive is instant and real time and allows customers to make reservation online, lets you easily change and track your reservations, build a customer database, advertise online and much more.

Set your own limits

Define your own limits for each sitting, perfect for filling up your restaurant breakfast lunch and dinner.

An Appetite for Success

Why not opt to have an automated SMS booking reminders sent out the day before the reservation? You’ll quickly notice the decrease in costly no-shows.

Case study of a business using bookitlive

A restaurant at a large hotel chain uses a group buying website (Groupon) to increase its customers base. The promotion offered Afternoon Tea at a discounted rate to attract customers to its hotel complex. The condition of the deal required all booking to be made online during non-peak times. Customers were required to enter their group buying coupons codes at the time of booking to allow the business to claim payment from the group buying website provider.

Instant Restaurant Reservations - Live Preview

Try it for yourself by making a online booking using our restaurant reservation software demonstration business. See how restaurant reservations can be booked online.

Review of Restaurant Reservation Online Software for restaurants, pubs and cafes

Reviewed by Deena Smith on .
Booking my Groupon Deal
We regularly run group buying deals to fill up our Afternoon High Teas at our Hotel restaurant. The first deal we ran did not make any money as we had to hire extra staff to manage the phone bookings. There had to be a better way. We then created a bookitlive account to manage the booking process. All our new Groupon deals now have a link to our bookitlive account and require all deal reservation bookings to only be made online. Removing the booking overhead resulted in our deals making a profit. As bookitlive automatically builds a client database we have been able to market deals directly to our client list, further increase our profits. Rating: 4.5

Bon Appetit, Let bookitlive handle the reservations.

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