Flight Simulators online booking reservation software

Flight Simulator Booking Reservation Software

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It’s all blue sky with bookitlive

Running a flight simulator business, your time is valuable. With bookitlive online appointment booking software, you can get back to the controls.

Even better than the real thing

bookitlive acts as your virtual receptionist, allowing clients to book simulation packages online. You can easily make, change and track your bookings, advertise online and much more.

Virtually eliminate no-shows

With bookitlive, you can opt to have an automated SMS reminder sent to the client the day before an appointment. You’ll quickly notice the decrease in costly no-shows and tardy pilots.

Simulation stimulation

With bookitlive, your flight simulation business will be advertised using Yahoo! and Google. Another great way to gain new bookings is to offer a major discount for a first flight or simulation package. Embed a booking button in your online ads as well as your own website, and customers can easily click through to the discounted deal.

Example of a business using bookitlive

A 747 Flight Simulator Operator allows customers to book and take Pre-Payments from their website. Payment are processed via Securepay and payment received into their bank account. As the Flight Simulator only has capacity for 3 people at a time the operator only allows a maximum of group booking of 3.

Watch things really take off; let bookitlive handle the scheduling.

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