Chiropractor Appointment booking Scheduling Software

Chiropractor Appointment Scheduling Software

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Bring your business back in line

With bookitlive online scheduling software behind your chiropractic business, you can put down the appointment book and get back to the practice.

Stop tying yourself in knots

Forget playing phone tag with your clients. bookitlive allows patients to book appointments online with the practitioner of their choosing. You can access your client database and individual patient histories, track your bookings and staff performance, advertise online and much more.

Work out the kinks

With bookitlive, you can opt to have an automated reminder sent to the patient the day before a chiropractic appointment. You’ll quickly notice the decrease in costly no-shows and tardy clients.

Slip a disc(ount)

A great way to gain new clients is to offer a major discount for a first-time appointment. Embed a bookitlive button in your advertisements as well as your own website and first-timers will be able to schedule a discounted appointment while existing clients book their usual services.

Case study of a business using bookitlive

A Chiropractor uses a Group Buying deal to attract new clients to his business. The deal offered a discounted Hydro Jet Bed Massage which sold out. The terms of the deal required all bookings to be made online using bookitlive. Over 400 booking were made online on the first day the deal went live. All bookings required the group buying coupons code to be entered at the time of booking. During the booking process new clients provide their contact details which are automatically added to the Chiropractors client database. A few months later the Chiropractor ran their own deal by sending email and SMS text messages from their bookitlive client database.

Review of Appointment Booking Software for Chiropractors

Reviewed by Clive Doyle on .
No more phone booking enquirers
Last time I ran a daily deal I spent all my time answering phone booking enquirers. This time all appointment booking were made online with bookitlive. Rating: 5

Back yourself; let bookitlive handle the appointment bookings.

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