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Scheduling needn’t be taxing

As a busy accountant or financial planner, we know your time is valuable. With bookitlive appointment booking software, you’re free to concentrate on money matters.

Own your schedule

Forget playing phone-tag with your clients. bookitlive allows clients to book online, and lets you easily change and track your appointments, and block out time in your schedule for other tasks as needed.

Multiple employees

New and existing clients can book an appointment with any accountant or financial planner on your staff. With Multiple Provider support, each employee has their own account profile and online schedule.

The tax busy season

The last thing you need at tax time is a no-show. With bookitlive, you can send an automated SMS reminders to each client the day before their appointment. Why not prompt them to get their receipts together, ready for their tax assessment?

Example of a business using bookitlive

A Tax Agent offers same day returns at multiple locations during the busy tax period. Previously the appointments where made over the phone. To cater for peak demand a combination of fixed and flexible schedules were used to enable staff to be booked online 24/7.

Review of Booking Software for Tax Agents and Accountants

Reviewed by Mia Zang on .

Managing Tax return bookings
This year we used bookitlive for our clients to book thier tax agents during the busy end of year period. We cut our phone calls in half.
Rating: 4

You know it adds up; let bookitlive handle the appointment bookings.

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