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Consumers have more information and technology in their hands than ever before. They can research, compare and choose products and services in seconds. As such telecommunication companies - as with all large B2C organisations - need to explore new ways to differentiate, build loyalty, provide a seamless customer experience, excel in online and offline customer service, and ultimately drive new revenues.

This challenge presents a significant opportunity for telecommunication companies to re-focus on their value-add in-store services and expertise.

Create an Exceptional and Personal Customer Experience

bookitlive enables telecommunication companies to seamlessly manage online, mobile, in-store and contact centre booking for in branch services, education and expertise. We are the market leaders in helping large B2C organisations use their online presence to promote and monetise their value-add in-store services.

The benefits of bookitlive for telecommunication companies

Bookitlive is the ideal solution for telecommunication organisations looking to manage appointments and scheduling for:
  • Unlock new revenue streams
  • Increase loyalty and customer lifetime value
  • Unlock new revenue opportunities
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve in-store efficiency
  • Improve customer service ratings
  • Maximise product and service upsell opportunities
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