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Enterprise -> Federal State and Local Government

The bookitlive booking boftware platform provides the functionality to cater for all Government scheduling requirements.

Transforming the way Government works

bookitlive enables the secure, real-time management of all types of bookings - including appointments, classes, courses, events for government organisations, at any volume, for any number of users and locations. As digital savvy citizens seek better ways to engage with public services, bookitlive is enabling government agencies at all levels to improve the way they deliver services while achieving significant savings.

bookitlive helps the government agencies innovate in this digital world by enabling new ways to engage with citizens online.

Government Services by Appointment revolutionises the ways in which businesses interact and engage with their citizens. By empowering citizens to book appointments through their websites, and social media sites.

Built for Government agencies

bookitlive is the ideal online booking platform for Government looking to manage appointments and scheduling. The bookitlive Online Booking platform is built for the following Government Services:
  • Education
  • Public Libraries
  • Licensing
  • Hard rubbish collection
  • Planning
  • Sporting facilities
  • Registry offices
  • Community Facilities
  • County clerks
  • Registry offices
  • Courses & classes
  • Events
  • And More...

Each of our enterprise online booking systems is customised specifically to address each client's specific requirements. To discuss your and your customer’s needs and find out more about bookitlive’s enterprise solutions contact one of our team today.

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