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CPR key ring
• Helps overcome hesitation to start resuscitation.
• Helps prevent direct contact with victim's mouth, nose and face.
• Plastic sheet and 3M™ Filtrete™ hydrophobic filter helps prevent possible contact with victim's saliva or blood.
• Bi-directional filter, and imprinted graphic directions for use

$10 stocks are low can do free delivery in Canberra only (delivered in one week – usually)
snake bite / sprains compression bandage
o Wider and longer than most crepe or elastic bandages.
o Continuous indicators ensure you have the correct pressure over the entire limb.
o Suitable for the treatment of all Australian Snake and Funnel Webbed Spider bites, Blue Ringed Octopus and Cone Shell stings.
Indicators show when the correct level of compression is achieved.
The unique stitching technology ensures the correct pressure is evenly applied over the entire limb.
snake bite kit
A vital requirement in outdoor environments where snake bites are a risk. This compact kit is in a durable softpack bag that can be worn on the belt, and includes a First Aid Guide specific to snake bite injuries.
Car travel first aid kit
All the protection you need when on the go. This compact kit has a selection of first aid items needed for treating minor injuries. The soft case suited to use in a range of environments, with protection against water and dust. Durable and well sized for easy storage in small areas