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Design smart forms that speak to your user journey

Smart Forms

bookitLive can create smart forms that precisely match your user's journey and make it as simple as possible for them to book.

Before,during and after booking you can use smart forms in your process to collect key pieces of information for each client. Custom client smart forms cater for specific business requirement such a patient assessment notes or maintenance records.

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A range of benefits from one or multiple forms

bookitLive is more than a set-and-forget booking system. We can create smart forms to provide a custom booking journey and extract the right amount of information with ease.

With bookitLive’s smart booking and client forms, you can:

  • Collect important infomation at time of booking
  • Have a different smart form for each of your service offerings
  • Have the information you need prior to client arrival
  • Store treatment and assessment information against each client

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Not just text boxes add a range of other options to your forms

The intuitive software gives you the freedom to add as many or as few of the functions you need.

  • Integrated calendars, timetables and schedules
  • Add secure payment paltforms such as eWay, SecurePay and PayPal
  • Send booking confirmations and post-booking reminders

Build a robust (yet fluid) way of converting more interesting browsers into paying clients.

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