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A jab well done

As a busy acupuncturist, we know your time is valuable. With bookitlive as your virtual receptionist, you’re free to needle the most out of your business.

Release your business Qi

bookitlive allows clients to book sessions online, and lets you easily fill, change and track your appointments. You can access your client database and individual treatment histories, advertise online and much more.

First-time discount

A great way to gain new clients is to offer a discount for their first acupuncture consultation. With bookitlive you can embed a button in your advertisements and website allowing first-timers to schedule a discounted session.

Cupping, moxibustion, needles?

bookitlive’s Multiple Provider support gives each staff member their own profile and schedule, detailing the acupuncture techniques and other health services they offer. Clients can book therapy sessions with the acupuncturist of their choosing.

Example of a business using bookitlive

A part time Acupuncturist only work every second Monday and Friday. Using a fortnightly fixed schedule client can only book online appointments for these days. Occasionally the Acupuncturist works extra days and makes these days available by adding a flexible schedule. Clients receive an automated SMS reminders 24 hours prior to the appointment.

You concentrate on the pointy end of your business; let bookitlive handle the appointment bookings.

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